10 Things to Bring When Backpacking

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Which things should you consider packing? Besides the obvious ones like passport, flight tickets, clothes, toiletries etc. here are my top 10 things to bring when backpacking.


A good camera. When you are traveling you want to preserve your memories and one of the best ways to do that is to take pictures and shoot video. I always bring 3 different cameras - a normal digital camera, the camera in my smartphone and my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.


A journal/diary. Talking about preserving memories nothing will remind you of that one beautiful place like your own words. Make sure you bring glue for postcards, museum tickets etc.


Smartphone. The possibilities are almost never ending with a device like this. Apps can help you book a hotel or a flight, rent a car, find a restaurant etc. And as mentioned if you have a smartphone with a good camera it will work as a back-up for your other devices. Also having a robust smartphone which can take a little dust and water might come in handy.


Solar Panel Charger. Charge your electronic devices with the sun. Nobody likes a flat battery.


Earplugs. A good night's sleep is often saved having earplugs. Also useful at concerts, motor sport events and other loud activities you might want to try.


Money Belt. I use this because it makes me feel safe. Do not keep all your money and credit cards in one place. Spread them out and make sure you do not reveal everything when buying.


Packing Cubes. I have never been more organized since I started using packing cubes. Now you do not have to go through your entire backpack just to find a pair of underwear. Get organized. Get packing cubes.


Travel lock. Again I bring this because of safety. Always buy a lock marked with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) that way baggage screeners can open your lock without damaging the lock. I also use a steel wire/cable for locking my backpack or camera to a bed or a table.


A good pair of shoes. As a backpacker you are going to have a bad time if you do not bring a good pair of walking/running shoes. There are many alternatives, the ones I used are from the Nike Free series.


Ziplock bags. These can be used for storing food, containing dirty clothes or even making your camera waterproof. They always come in quite handy - I would not backpack without a few of these.

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