5 Reasons to Just Do It

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Do You Need a Reason to Just Do It?

Here's 5 Good Reasons to be Going on an Adventure


Many people dream of a long term travel, but not everyone go. Quitting your job, leaving family, friends and comfort zones at home is a choice not taken by everyone. Life is too short to just be dreaming.

By not going do you know what you are missing? The biggest adventure of your life? Spontaneity and a joy not achievable at home? Here's 5 Reasons To Just Do It:

1. Do you feel younger?
Traveling is something you do either when retired or before you are settled down with a wife/husband, kids, house and a dog. How long can you wait?
Make that decision and go - or you might miss out on your chance to travel!

2. Imagine the stories you will tell your grand kids!
You will experience things above your imagination. Things that only happens in fairy tales.
The only difference is - these are your fairy tales!

3. Get to know yourself and develop your personality
You will change. And it is not a bad thing. You will learn more about yourself, your limits, patience and joy. Living on a low budget and leaving your comfort zones will make you appreciate a soft bed, clean clothes or a good meal. Most travelers become more thankful when returning home - enjoying life even more than you did before leaving.

4. Meet new people and explore cultures
You might meet your best friends while traveling. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all the other social media makes staying in touch with your foreign friends is really easy.
Maybe you will find yourself a culture you love even more than your own. Some travelers settle down in foreign country - living a life they had never dreamed of.

5. You will regret not going
Not going if you consider going, will be a regret you will have to live with for the rest of your life. I have countless times heard how people envy me for my travels and how they never got to go. Do not be that person living with those regrets. Do it, while you can!

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