29 Days to Departure - Test Packing

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Beer and test packing. The perfect Saturday night combination!
Lasse with his backpack
Tonight we are did a test packing. Stuffing all our things into the backpack, calculating what we need and what can be left at home.
We have packed, adjusted and packed again to make sure that everything we want to bring fits. It even seems like we have plenty of space for souvenirs - maybe we will get wiser. We have taken every possible precaution - getting vaccinations, insurance and visa. With our backpacks checked and ready - we could not be more prepared for this upcoming adventure.

That feeling of putting on a fully packed backpack makes you want to jump on a flight right now! Leaving the grey Scandinavian skies and replacing them with exotic blue ones. Unfortunately we will have to wait for another 29 days before we set off from Hamburg airport to exotic destinations filled with blue skies.

We hope Brazil is ready for us - one thing is for sure - we are ready for Brazil!
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