7 Must-Do Pre-Travel Actions

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Preparation is Very Important When Going on an Adventure!

I like to be well-informed and prepared when leaving for a new destination. That being said - I don't think you should prepare everything - you should rather be prepared for anything. Once you are on your way you can begin being adventurous and spontaneous, but before departure there are certain actions to be taken, insuring you the best possible travel. Here's 7 Must-Do Pre-Travel Actions:

1. Backpack or Suitcase? Which trip are you planning? Consider the pros and cons about traveling with a backpack instead of a suitcase.

2. Packing Style. Once you have chosen your backpack it is time to start considering what to pack. Depending on the length of your travel as well as your chosen style of traveling - this might vary. It is a good idea to make a packing list.

3. Vaccinations & Visa. You will have to visit your doctor and investigate whether you will need vaccinations and visa where you are going.

4. Flight Tickets & Hotel/Hostel. When leaving for a new destination be sure to book flight tickets and hotel/hostel for the first few nights. Always keep your tickets and hotel/hostel information with you - and be sure to keep accessible copies online. Once you get into the backpacker-rhythm you can begin finding spontaneous flight tickets and hostels.

5. Insurance & Money. It is very important to have a travel insurance - if you leave this out, you might return home a lot earlier than expected. Or not at all. Also you would want to pay your financial adviser a visit - insuring you have a valid payment card or maybe two.

6. Have a Test Packing. Spend a day trying to pack your stuff into your backpack. Does it fit? Do you have room for souvenirs? Does it weight too much? - check the max. weight with the flight company you are traveling with.

7. Investigate the Destination. Are there must-see places? or no-go places? During big events like festivals, concerts, sports events and so on - be sure to take extra precaution. And be sure you have a place to stay!

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