Sunday, June 08, 2014

Today is the day!

Tonight we departure from Hamburg Airport with Fortaleza, Brazil set as destination!

You would think that we've been tripping all week - anxious and excited about this adventure of ours to begin. Behaving like children around Christmas time, shaking with excitement as the dragon is finally released tonight.

But we haven't.

It has been more of a confusing than an excitement. Maybe our minds can't handle the thought of leaving for something this big - or maybe there's too many people and places we are gonna miss.

I guess it is a bit of both. Leaving is tough - even though it is for something exciting.

In just a few hours my dear father will drive us all the way to Hamburg, Germany where our first flight takes off. We will land and change planes in London, UK and then again in São Paulo, Brazil before we reach our final destination in Fortaleza, Brazil.

I have absolute no clue where this journey will take me, but I hope to see some phenomenal places and experience some amazing moments. Somewhere in the back off my mind I had this idea that I set sail to discover paradise on Earth. I am not sure what it means - just a thought from a silent moment.

I am not only looking to discover paradise on Earth. I am also looking to discover myself on this journey. Who am I? And what makes me happy? What do I wanna spend my life doing? Those are some of the questions I hope to have a clearer answer to, when I return home at some point.

For now, I am trying to convince my mind that Lasse and I going on an adventure - let the journey begin!

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