Last Night in Denmark

Sunday, June 08, 2014

We spend our last day packing and preparing for tomorrow's take-off

Two girls from our block gave us teddies to bring along. With them, came a letter describing a challenge: we are supposed to take pictures with them on our trip.
The one I have is a frog called Kaj, seen in the picture below. Lasse got a parrot called Andrea.
We are always up for a challenge, so Kaj and Andrea will be joining us on our journey.

Lasse's girlfriend Nee stopped by and made us pancakes for lunch. Although she is having a rough time, with Lasse leaving, she is still good for a laugh and a smile.

I drove home to my parents for dinner. I will see them tomorrow morning as Lasse and I will be driving there and then getting in my dad's car to head for Hamburg.
My dog wasn't too excited about me leaving.

I drove back home, to spend the night in Silkeborg. Besides Lasse and I; Nee, Nanna and Johan joined as we went down by the bay and got ourselves an ice cream.
But there is no goodbye without beer! We are Danes after all!

It is now half past 2 AM. Good night!

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