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Tuesday, June 03, 2014
This Sunday we are taking off. The last week will pass fast, since we have work - like always.

We will spend the evenings with our friends and family - and Saturday is packing day. It wont be a stressed out week at all, since everything is pretty much ready and set to go. Still our heads are pretty occupied with thoughts of new beginnings. Thoughts of leaving.

I guess that no matter how prepared you are, you will never be prepared to leave the people and the place you know the very best and love the most.

The crime in Brazil has been rising in the built up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Brazilians are demonstrating, because the government are spending so much money on the World Cup and the Olympics in 2016 - yet so little on the Brazilian population.

Traveling to Brazil during these times, you have to feel sorry for the Brazilians, yet you have to take precautions to secure your own well being. Robbery, assaults and violence is a result to the Brazilian government and FIFA who keeps on ignoring the local population of Brazil.

It will be tough leaving this safe country of Denmark, leaving good friends and family in exchange for an unstable situation in Brazil. I am glad we are traveling together, because no one want to be alone in Brazil at this moment.

I hope the Brazilian government and FIFA change their perspective and point of view - start involving the Brazilians in the World Cup, not cutting them out. The World Cup demands a lot of attention and economic funding, but so does the population! I believe the answer to the rising crimes in Brazil should be better welfare for the locals. They should celebrate having the World Cup, not becoming economically insolvent.

The World Cup is about connecting and uniting the world - I am not so sure that message is coming through this summer. There is definitely a darker side to this picture that FIFA are about to paint.

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