Backpacker Traveltip #1

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Preserve Your Memories

You will be surprised by just how much you forget.

Keep a journal. Fill it with thoughts, postcards, dates, addresses of people you've met, city names, tickets and everything else you can fit in there. Some backpackers bring along a book for entertainment - I write my own.

Keep in touch. Another great way of remembering those days is to stay in touch with the friends you make along the way. Writing or talking with a friend on the other side of the planet might bring back memories of those days you spend wandering beautiful places together. Maybe you could visit amazing places together again?

Take photos. Lots and lots of photos. When you return home get your best shots induced and hang them on your wall. Don't let unforgettable Kodak-moments be forever lost on a hard drive.

Shoot video. Nothing reminds you of that time you went diving, surfing, rafting or skydiving like a good video clip. Video clips can't be induced (yet... Go science go!), but I like to collect my best clips in a tiny travel video which can be watched to get a feel of a place I once visited. Upon returning home video clips are great for showing your family and friends exactly how amazing places you saw during your travel.

Even though having a camera in your hand is a great idea, sometimes, put it down and just enjoy the moment! Or the most amazing moments might pass right by you while your looking through your lens.


  1. So true. It's best to keep a handy journal with you and its best to have things written down - not relying on memory. A gopro, say, a fully working gopro will be best to keep in handy as well.

  2. Taking your advice!!! Starting my own blog


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