5 Must-Install Travel Apps

Monday, September 01, 2014
Apps or applications is what we're all into during these glorious times of the smartphone. Here's 5 Must-Install Travel Apps to make your journey even easier and more enjoyable.

TripAdvisor, Here's a great tool for finding top tourist spots anywhere in the world. With millions of reviews you can be sure there's more than one opinion to read about your next cultural experience. What I don't like about TripAdvisor is that it often leaves out the not-so-obvious sights. If you're looking for the off-road and untouched places you won't find them here.

Couchsurfing/Airbnb, Two sides of the same story. Yet one is free, one is not. Both provides you with shelter for the night.
Couchsurfing is a community for people who 'rent' their couch out for the night without any charge. Meet new and exciting people and keep a low budget on the way. Couchsurfing is one of my favourite activities to do while traveling, because meeting and living with the locals gives you so much more cultural insight of your destination than staying in a hostel does.
AirBnb is the actual rental of a private room or apartment or a couch. I tend to look for a room where the owner is living next door. That way I get the same experience as I do with couchsurfing meeting new people. Only difference? With Airbnb I have to pay for it.

Google Maps, A map can always come in handy once traveling new roads. Google Maps has it all. Almost. Cities, towns, street names, hotspots and restaurants. So far I've only managed to find a tiny single island not to be found on Google Maps. The best place for using Google Maps is in the bigger cities where navigating the streets requires a map until you get to know the city better.

Whatsapp, The amount of users of this app is enough itself to make this a must-install travel app. Traveling to various destinations this app provides you with a wifi-based messages system which works perfectly across borderlines and continents. Make group-chats and stay in touch with your new-found foreign friends. Whatsapp is common among the locals caring a smartphone whether you're in South America or Southeast Asia.

Tinder, I saved the best for last you might say. No, I'm not using Tinder to hook up with hot foreign women (jokes on you!). Actually Tinder turned out to be one of the easiest ways of contacting the locals once you arrive at a new destination. Swipe a few times, find a match and suddenly you'll have access to the best personal guide out there. The locals always knows best; where to go, what to eat, which places to see and most importantly what is happening at your new destination right here, right now. Tinder gives you information you could never achieve from apps like TripAdvisor.
Be sure though to make it very clear in your profile that you are a backpacker looking for international connections and advice and NOT a relationship. In some cultures a 'like' equals a date or even a life long eternity of happiness flowing with rivers of milk and honey. Use with precaution as this app is not built for travelers but for lovers.

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