Kick-Start Your Bucket List

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Have you always wanted to have your own bucket list? Or do you already have one which could use a little updating? Here's 5 easy steps toward creating your bucket list or enhancing it.

Make It Simple, Break it down to simple things like 'going on an adventure', 'learning a new skill' or 'trying something different'. Once you have your simple dream written down, you can begin brainstorming on which new skills you could possible learn or what you could try that you haven't tried yet.

Be Realistic, If your health and age is not getting any better and your mission is to 'climb a mountain', you might wanna consider other options. I know they say anything is possible, but sometimes the struggle is too great and you'll end up not reaching your goal. Don't get too hung up on what you've listed, traveling with and meeting people might give you new ideas for your bucket list. Change priority if you feel like it, sticking to an old dream only for comfort is not worth it.

Give It Meaning, Whatever is on that list of yours should have some kind of meaning to it. Maybe your granddad visited India or maybe you've always had a special relationship to the ocean that makes you wanna go below the surface. Knowing why you've listed something is a good reason to have it on your bucket list.

See The Greater Picture, Don't let your bucket list ruin an opportunity for another great adventure. On your struggle towards crossing off stuff on your list, you might as well enjoy the journey; as it will surely bring you other amazing adventures which you never considered listing. A bucket list is as much a kick-starter to enjoying life as it's a list to fulfil.

Just Do It, Begin with the small stuff and gain momentum and confidence to fulfil even more. Don't ever 'complete' your bucket list. There's no finish line. There's always new things to add. And if you've emptied out your bucket list you doing it wrong!

What's on your bucket list? Comment below and share your best bucket list moments!

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