Underwater Adventures in Moalboal

Sunday, August 03, 2014
After I saw my very first wild sea turtle in Moalboal I was eager to come back for more.

I have always been fascinated by turtles. From a very young age I found them interesting, like some sort of a mythical creature. I even collected a ton of turtle figurines, which would always be in my windowsill.

I came back to Moalboal together with Grace, Verge, Phillip and of course Lasse. And ss we got ready for out first snorkeling dive I was wishing for more turtles to cross my path.

It didn't take us long to find the first one. A big old fellow taking a nap a the bottom. Just minutes later Phillip called out that he had spotted another! My heart rate raising as I paddled in direction of the newly spotted turtle. She was gliding through the water as we followed her out into the open ocean. Phillip and I were close and kept a good pace to keep up with the turtle - the others fell behind and made a stop at a fishing boat to catch breath.

As Phillip and I followed the turtle into really deep waters I finally got my photo proof of how I swam with sea turtles in the Philippines.

When you're in pursuit of a turtle, you seem to forget your surroundings. You're so focused on keeping track of that beautiful back shield that you don't mind your surroundings; or your direction.
Fortunately for us, this sea turtle took us all the way back to the shallow waters before taking off.

After our little hunt for turtles we drove to Kawasan Falls to take a dip beneath the stunning waterfalls.

Today we're back for more! The weather is cloudy and the waves big, so we're here at Andi's Talisay waiting for better weather. Waiting for the turtles to wake up. Life is good.

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