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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Howdy Backpacker Bugs! Thank you for visiting my blog!

Grew up in the Scandinavian area with free health care, free education and a happy home at a small kingdom named Denmark.

- High School with a degree in business/economics
- Spent a year at an international sports academy developing bilingual skills and making international connections in the process. 
- BA in Financial Management.
- Certificated PADI diver.

Quitting jobs is part of living a traveller's life. I have been teaching in the educational system and worked in real estate and quit several jobs during my 20s. Lately I've been more permanently living in Denmark and enjoying travels when my job allows it.

Over the years I've traveled more than 1200 days in 79 countries across 6 continents by airbus, bus, train, taxi, boat, ferry, car, van, tuktuk, motorbike, jeepney, helicopter, kayak and snowmobile. Along the way I have developed a passion for odd and unbeaten countries like Liechtenstein, Brunei, North Korea, Tonga, Timor-Leste and many more. Another sidekick of mine which has evolved over the years is searching for and finding filming locations of famous (and infamous) movies. I've also scuba dived and free dived some of the most untouched reefs in the world and cataloged more than 500 species of marine life. It's safe to say that my passion for traveling has grown into a lifestyle, which provides me with self-saftisyment and happiness.

Number of countries/territories: 79
Highest Point: 5,359 m, Khardung La Pass, India, 2017
Lowest Point: -413 m, Dead Sea, Jordan, 2017
Most Northern Point: 78,36N, Storfjorden, Svalbard, 2019
Most Southern Point: -46,67S, Slope Point, New Zealand, 2018
Most Eastern Point: 177,45, Nadi, Fiji, 2018
Most Western Point: -175,31, Houma, Tonga, 2018
Times around the globe: 2
Number of equator crossings: 20
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