13 Reasons Kuwait is Worth a Visit

Friday, January 10, 2020

Alright Kuwait. This middle eastern country is tucked in between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and truth be told I only visited Kuwait as it was an easy layover from Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless Kuwait actually surprised me in many ways and had a lot more to offer than what I expected from first glance. Here's 13 Reasons Kuwait is Worth a Visit!

#13 Kuwait Beaches

One of the many beaches in Kuwait City
Kuwait City has plenty of white sand beaches. You can also visit Green Island, which has an artificial beach. We visited during winter in January, and even though we had sun, the temperatures were too low for swimming at the beach. Don't forget that Kuwait is primarily a muslim country, which means not covering up (even at the beach) is not well looked upon.

#12 Mirror House

Mirror House in Kuwait City
Mirror House is an art museum created by Italian-born artist Lidia Qattan and features an entire house covered inside out with murals of mirror mosaics. The project began in 1966 and wasn't completed until 2006. Tbe Mirror House is located a bit outside the city centre and pretty much alone from other attractions. However the area seems to be full of classic car collectors, so a stroll in the neighborhood is quite fascinating.

#11 Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre in Kuwait City
The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre is the main spot for concerts, ballets, musicals and so on. The only place open for guests not attenting cultural events is the Fountain Park. Besides the dancing fountain there's a great view towards the cultural centre and it's unique architectural composition.

#10 Dewan Faisal Alqatami

Dewan Faisal Alqatami in Kuwait City
To be honest, I don't know much about Dewan Faisal Alqatami. I accidentially stumbled upon this building on my way to Abraj Park. There's not much information on this place online, but my best guess is that it holds either a hotel or some sort of museum. Nevertheless it's a beautiful place to pass by.

#9 The Grand Mosque of Kuwait

The Grand Mosque of Kuwait
The Grand Mosque of Kuwait is the largest mosque in the country (hence the name). The mosque is located in walking distance from Mubarakiya Old Market and is beautifully lit up at night.

#8 Abraj Park

Abraj Park in Kuwait City
Abraj Park is basically a playground park for families with kids. But in the middle of the park stand the magnificent water towers that has grown into becoming a trademark for Kuwait. There are several locations to find these blue and white stripped towers throughout the city.

#7 The Avenues Mall

The Avenues is the largest shopping mall in Kuwait and the second largest in the middle east. Even though I rarely get impressed by shopping malls, I must say The Avenues was quite impressive and unique. A great place to pick up a Kuwait souvenir as the mall holds at least two souvenir shops (a rarity in Kuwait).

#6 Head of the Bridge

Head of the Bridge in Kuwait City
Head of the Bridge is located near Kuwait Towers. The bridge is home to many local fishermen and you'll often see locals walking the bridge. A great place to feel the local cultural and have a chat with some of the local Kuwaiti people.

#5 Liberation Tower

The moon passing by Liberation Tower in Kuwait City
The construction on Liberation Tower began in 1990, but was put on hold due to the Iraqi Invasion. The tower took no damage during the invasion and was later completed in 1993 and then named Liberation Tower and with it's 372 meters it's the world's 38th tallest free-standing structure.

#4 Kuwait National Museum

Ancient stone inscriptions at Kuwait National Museum
Kuwait National Museum is being rebuild at the moment and we had a tough time actually finding the entrance, but there are plenty of exciting exhibitions to see and I was positively surprised. Also there's no entrance fee, but you'll need your passport/national ID to be allowed in.

#3 Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers in Kuwait City
Kuwait Towers are actually water towers, but also functions as a restaurant and a place to get an amazing view over the city. Kuwait Towers has an entrance fee of a mere 3 Kuwait Dinars per person to enter the towers and walk the 360 degree view. Worth it!

#2 Mubarakiya Old Market

Mubarakiya Old Market in Kuwait City
Mubarakiya Old Market is best experienced by night. The market is always bustling with people and you can buy anything from a dishdasha (the white robe men in Kuwait wear) to local food. Absolutely a must for any visit to Kuwait.

#1 Failaka Island

War remnants on Failaka Island, Kuwait
Taking the #1 spot on this list is Failaka Island. Located in the waters between Kuwait, Iraq and Iran, Failaka Island is without comparison the most historical place in Kuwait with a history dating back thousands of years and even stretches into very recent times. Alexander the Great occupied Failaka Island and so did Sadam Hussein. You can read more about how you can visit Failaka Island and what to do while you're there by reading my blog post here:
Failaka Island: Abandoned?

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