12 Amazing Things to do in Lefkada

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Lefkada. One of seven main islands of the so-called Ionian Islands in the Ionian Sea, west of mainland Greece. The perfect place to get sun-kissed, ride a scooter and attend that Mamma Mia wedding you've always dreamed about. Here's 12 Amazing Things to do in Lefkada!

#12 Enjoy Sun, Salt and Sea at Kathisma Beach

Paraglider over Kathisma Beach on Lefkada, Greece

Kathisma Beach is by far the most commercialized beach on Lefkada and thus the most crowded. You can even book a paraglide on the beach. 

#11 Trek to the Dimossari Waterfalls

Dimossari Waterfalls on central Lefkada, Greece

To trek to Dimossari Waterfalls you'll need to drive to the parking at the foot of the trek. The trek itself is quite lush and beautiful with both vegetation and many different species of insects along the way. There is a small cozy restaurant on the way too. The trek is not too tough and can be done fairly quickly although it's a trek-in/trek-out route you'll enjoy the path both ways. The main waterfall has a pool underneath suitable for a dip or a short swim.

#10 Shop, Eat & Drink in Lefkada Town

Mythos Beer in Lefkada Town

Lefkada Town is the place to shop on the island. Especially the main street of Ioannou Mela is full of different shops and restaurants. If you want to eat out in Lefkada, one of the must-go restaurants is the Lighthouse Tavern. You can also go out for a late night drink at the Cubana Cuba Bar or simply enjoy an ice-cold Mythos at the harbour. Choice is yours.

#9 Enjoy the View at Faneromeni Monastery

Faneromeni Monastery on Lefkada, Greece

Faneromeni Monastery has quite a unique location. High in the mountain scenery the monastery has an impeccable view towards the northern cap of Lefkada. The monastery itself is very beautifully adorned and even has a small floral and animal park with turtles, deer and birds.

#8 Visit Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada, Greece

Porto Katsiki was my second favourite beach on Lefkada (keep reading to see my no. 1 beach on Lefkada). With parking lots just near the beach, it's easily accessed and has that kind of "secret beach" feel too it as the mountains frame the beach on each side. Definitely a worth stop on the beach hopping list of Lefkada.

#7 Enjoy a Drink at Café Panorama

View from Café Panorama on Lefkada, Greece

Even if you aren't scared of heights - the Café Panorama might get your pulse raising. The café is located on the way to Porto Katsiki and is built on a very steep cliff. A perfect place to stop for a cold drink in the heat of the sun.

#6 Rent a Boat Without a License

Taking a rental boat to Meganisi from Lefkada, Greece

On Lefkada you can rent a motorboat without a licens. There is a restricted area you can roam in your boat, but it's quite a large area and seeing the island from the seaside is some different entirely. Bring some snorkling gear, fishing gear or sail to the island of Meganisi for lunch at Vathy or to visit there famous cave on the southwest part of the island.

#5 Climb to Egremni Beach

Climbing down to Egremni Beach on Lefkada, Greece

Egremni Beach is only accessible by walking on a long twisted road, then climbing down the magnificent staircase mounted to the rocky wall or by landing on the beach by boat. Either way, the beach was by far our favourite beach on Lefkada. The struggle to get there, the azure colour of the water and the white fine grained sand was absolute perfect. Do not miss this!

#4 Taste the Local Lefkada Seafood

Local greek seafood on Lefkada, Greece

The island life calls for great seafood and Lefkada is no exception. All along the coast of the island you'll find restaurants served freshly caught seafood. From grilled fish to pasta with mussels - if it can be caught you can have it for dinner.

#3 Watch the Kite Surfers and Wind Mills on northern Lefkada

Local Kite Surfer getting some hang time at Paralia Agios Ioannis, Lefkada, Greece

Paralia Agios Ioannis the main beach for local kite surfer entusiasts seeking the thrill of the waves. The beach also holds the ruins of the old wind mills of Lefkada, which makes for a picturesque place to do a beach photoshoot. On the southern end of the sandy beach you'll find the perfect spot to go for a swim, have lunch og simply getting that tan you've always wanted while having a drink.

#2 Do a Motorbike Trip to Cape Lefkada

Cape Lefkada Lighthouse on the southern tip of Lefkada, Greece

On the southern most tip of the Lefkada island there's a lighthouse to guide ships around the island. The trip down there is truly fascinating - where you can stop at several of Lefkadas best beaches and pass through small villages along the way. The freedom of riding a motorbike is just one of those things that any southern island trip should include. This is truly adventuring in the deepest sense of the word.

#1 Attend a Wedding

Wedding on Lefkada, Greece

I mean... Mamma Mia! What more do you want? If you ever get the opportunity to attend a wedding on a Greek island like we did (thank you Cille & Simon!) - I urge you to grab that and experience the very special atmosphere a wedding on a Greek beach can have.

That's all folks! Safe travels and enjoy Lefkada and its amazing gems.

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