F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014
The three days of F1 ended much faster than I expected and much faster than I wanted it to. The vibe around the race is so intense that it's impossible not to get caught in the euphoria.

This was my first ever F1 Grand Prix to attend, but I quickly realized that the Singapore GP is truly something unique! Just looking at the lit up track during the late hours of the day is something special and the fact that the race takes place inside the city makes this race a lot more technical and exciting. The city is most beautiful during night time when the business area, the street circuit and the Marina Bay Sands is bathed in light.

One of the most prominent and (to me) coolest F1 drivers in history is the legendary Niki Lauda who now acts as a non-executive chairman of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team. On the first day of training sessions I was lucky enough to catch him at his hotel for a photo and an autograph. On the same day I snatch a photo with current F1 Driver from the Lotus Team; Pastor Maldonado.

Having had good luck hunting celebrities, my travel buddy Lasse and I, decided to look for Danish driver Kevin Magnussen on the day of qualifications. We took a long shot and luckily it paid off. I think our huge Danish national flag and the fact that we had printed Magnussen name on it, got him out of his car for photos and autographs.

The qualifications was won by Lewis Hamiliton with Nico Rosberg in second place. Both putting up their best time in the very last round of the qualifiers. Daniel Ricciardo was third and Magnussen ended up in position nine. After the qualifier one of the best entertainers on this planet, the man and cheeky playboy; Robbie Williams, played a one-and-a-half hour concert. Just as he was about to enter the stage the rain started pouring down. The crowd didn't seem to care, we didn't care as we were standing in the front row and most importantly Robbie didn't care - actually he seemed to rather enjoy the heavy rain, which lasted for the entire concert.

The day after we chose to focus 100% on the race. No autograph hunting, just racing cars shooting by our seats at Bay Grandstand all day. The warm-up races and a parade of classic cars with the F1-drivers, where Kevin Magnussen gave thumps-up to our flag on the tribune, got us built up for the final 2014 Singapore Grand Prix. Unlike the two past days the mood at the Bay Grandstand was intense and nervous. This is truly a sports event where both the drivers and the crowd lets some feelings loose.

As the race were off, one driver was standing still; Nico Rosberg! The leader of this years Grand Prix series! After a few tries and a few rounds around the track he had to realize that the race was over (so to speak) and went off into the pit.
With an exciting race, a safety car on track and a curtain call win by Lewis Hamilton we got everything we came for! I can't wait for the next race in Japan in two weeks, but first I will enjoy my next destination; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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