Indonesia: The Land of Friendship and Football

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
I spend the last days I had left in Indonesia at my friend Deni's place hanging out, playing Fifa and discussing soccer with my newfound Indonesia friends. On the very last night we went for at few matches at the outdoor soccer field. What else? These Indonesians are absolutely mental about football!

Deni, his family and his friends have been so kind to Lasse and me. I could never thank them enough for the hospitality and friendliness they showed us. After almost a month in Indonesia it felt strange to say goodbye to friends. It was one of those goodbyes where you feel like you can't repeat the word 'thank you' or 'terima kashi' enough. Deni, his mother and his energy bomb of a sister - who we staying with during our Jakarta-stay - did all they could towards making our stay in Indonesia pleasant. And it was such a pleasure spending time with these caring people.

Let's be honest here, Indonesia is not the most luxurious place I've visited, but I felt like I had a home there, with people around me who seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me. There's so many people of these people who made my stay homelike, that I didn't get the chance to give a proper goodbye. People from Indonesia who knocked on my door with friendship and kindness.

Before I left Indonesia I had all of the guys from the jersey kiosk sign our Danish flag, which already has a lot of signatures and messages from previous destinations. The guys also printed in the flag at their store, the first flag they have ever printed in. A task which took four of them to get it done, but with the 2014 and the K.Magnussen the flag is now ready for the upcoming F1 race in Singapore, which is our next destination. Bye Jakarta, bye Indonesia - don't let it be too long before we meet again!

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