Tokyo: The City of Dreams

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Tokyo... The City of Dreams.. Manga cartoons, maze metros and freak shows.
I wouldn't be able to describe in it's totality of weird cartoons and funny dress-ups even if I tried. What I can say is, that it's definitely a must-see city on this planet. Things are happening all over in this enormous city. I literally spent a day riding the subways to different areas, just for a walk'n'look.

Since describing this place is an impossibility here are some of the (in my opinion) best places I went and my thoughts about them:

Pokemon Center

This place will turn you into a 12 year old boy the second you cross their doorstep. Pikuchus everywhere and ALL the merchandise you could possibly imagine. It was the first place we went and of course we didn't leave this place without a little souvenir in our backpack.

Robot Restaurant

It's not really a restaurant, it's more like a circus. Or a freak show really. You'll get seated like it's a quiz show and then the crazy and amazing show which includes music, dancing, fights and robot boxing begins. If you ask: 'is it worth the money?', my answer would be: 'I have no idea, but just go there!'.

Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo houses giant pandas, which is a huge attraction in itself, but more than that this exciting and interesting zoo had us walking in the rain for a whole day. Definitely a different thing to do in this enormous city.

Tsukiji Fish Market

To catch the tuna auction you'll have to arrive really early in the morning. I went here a little later, but the experience was still positive. I had my very first taste of sushi here after a walk around the many fish shops.

Sumo Fighting

Unfortunately there weren't any sumo fights scheduled during my stay in Tokyo, but if you go early in the morning it's possible to catch a practice with these very disciplined athletes. Takes you right back to ancient Japan and gives you a feeling that not all ancient traditions were lost in the flood of cartoons and games.

Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway is the only place I went twice during my time in Tokyo. Before you reach the Broadway you'll walk on Nakano Sunmall, which is a  225 m shopping street leading up to Nakano Broadway. Make sure to visit a bakery here for a delicious lunch or a mouth watering cake.
Nakano Broadway is famous for it's many manga/anime stores. It's a great place to find a Japanese souvenir like an anime figure, a manga cartoon or maybe a Pokemon keychain.

Mt. Fuji

Mount Fuji is a long train ride from Tokyo, but it's definitely worth the wait! With it's 3776 m there's A LOT of spot to see her from, but we decided to take a walk around Lake Kawaguchi, as the giant rises in the horizon you'll stop, stare, walk backwards, stare some more and then be overwhelmed by nature's beauty. Even though it had been a really rough day of waiting time, sore legs and stressful train departures I enjoyed every single step around the lake with the old lady resting in the sunny weather. It's a must for any Tokyo (or Japan for that matter) Trip.

Lastly I would like to spend a few words describing another exceptional couchsurfing experience. We stayed with a local Japanese girl - Ikumi - and her 6 year old daughter; Natsumi. I felt extremely welcome in their home and it felt like having a Japanese family, for awhile atleast. We shared cultures, stories and had a good time together, which I believe that not only couchsurfing, but also traveling in general is all about.

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