Miserable Elephants and Tigers in Thailand

Monday, November 03, 2014
Khao San Road. That is the name of the street we stayed in during our time in Bangkok.
Khao San is a place with a lot of hostels, sellers, street food, foreigners and loud music! We stayed there during Halloween, and our room was literally vibrating due to the massive bass coming from the Halloween party in the street.

Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand
Lasse's girlfriend - Nee - joined us in Bangkok for a short visit and vacation here in Thailand. To escape from the loudness and stress of Khao San, we decided to do a few day-tours looking for a breath of fresh air. Thailand is famous for elephants and nothing less than a visit to an elephant camp was in order. After a short ride on bamboo rafts down the river, which was by far the nicest part of the trip, we arrived at the elephant camp. A single glare is all it takes, before you realize these places aren't elephant camps. They're tourist camps. The benefits of the camps does not go towards the well-being of the elephants. They seem to get a harsh treatment, some of them have their tusks cut and the whole thing seems to be more focused on the economical benefits, rather than the welfare of the creatures. Sometimes you'll have to go there to see for yourself. We saw and we got wiser.

Elephant with cut tusks near Bangkok, Thailand
Besides the elephant camps, there is also a Tiger Temple, which has reach a must-do-status in Thailand. It's a chance to get really close to one of nature's most fine-tuned killing machines. Which sounds absolutely mad when you put it like that. The poor creatures seems drugged and unaware of the tourist snacks walking among them. What miserable tiger life to live. Sad.

Tiger Temple near Bangkok, Thailand
During our tours we hit a few other famous spots in Bangkok like the Bridge over River Kwai, Wat Pho with the enormous Reclining Buddha and Say Yok Noi Waterfall. No animals where harmed here.
All in all Bangkok is way better off without the animal abuse. Enjoy the Chang beers, massages, phad thais and the chats with local ladyboys. Don't waste your time supporting animal "safari", "trekking", "bathing" or whatever other name they add to it.

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