Superstition in Sydney

Saturday, November 29, 2014
After more than 4 months in south-east Asia we finally reached a new continent, as we touched down in Sydney, Australia after a ferry and two flights.

We spend the first day walking the area around our hostel, which is pinched in between Hyde Park and Central Station. We ended up at Darling Harbour were we found the cinema with the largest Imax screen in the world! We jumped right in and bought tickets for Christopher Nolan's 'Intersteallar'. Definitely a movie to blow your brains with a storyline which includes infinity, black holes and time travel.

We woke the next day confidence geographical-wise and renewed energy. We did 'the whole city tour' on the second day; Hyde Park, St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney Harbour, Harbour Bridge and last but not least the Sydney Opera House designed by Dane Jørn Utzon.

Once again our day ending with entertainment. Unbelievable and extraordinary world class art as we spend two hours watching the famous Cirque du Soleil perform their show about the revolution of Earth; 'Totem'.

Traveling requires planning. And sometimes, a lot of it. Spend almost a full day planning our trip in Australia, yet nothing is too locked or too well-planned. Spontaneity is one of the most precious things a traveler can posses.
On our fourth day we went to the beach. The weather had cleared up and the clouds been fleeing out of the city.
First beach of the day was the famous Bondi Beach, it took us partly back to the wide white beaches of Rio de Janeiro, but with a lot cooler waters.

After our visit to Bondi, we met up with another Dane we met here; Thomas, and walked to Darling Harbour to catched the ferry to Manly. The afternoon had bought cold and windy weather to Manly Beach. We seized the moment to snap a selfie of manly men on Manly Beach.

As we sailed back from Manly we caught the sunset over Sydney Harbour with the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House tanning in the last sunny hour of this day.

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