Ancient Ruins in Jerash

Saturday, July 08, 2017
Located 30 km north of Amman. Jerash is known for the ruins of ancient Roman city of Gerasa. Getting there from Amman is quite easy. Head to North Park (aka. North Station) in Amman and ask around for the local bus to Jerash. The price is less than 1 dinar and the driver will drop you off right next to the ancient ruins.

Oval Plaza in Jerash, Jordan
To enter the ruins firstly you'll pass through a souvenir shop until you reach the Arch of Hadrian. Built to honor Gerasa emperor Hadrian.

Arch of Hadrian in Jerash, Jordan
Follow the path and make sure to go left to see the Hippodrome. Keep left and you'll reach the Oval Plaza or Oval Forum (top photo). The Oval Plaza was used as a homecoming honoring site for soldiers returning from battle. From there you'll easily spot the magnificent Temple of Zeus.

Temple of Zeus in Jerash, Jordan
Just behind the Temple of Zeus you'll stumble upon the Southern Theatre. Make sure stand in the centre and feel the powerful echo of your voice.

Southern Theatre in Jerash, Jordan
Following the path from there will take you past Church of St. Theodore, until you reach the Temple of Artemis.

Temple of Artemis in Jerash, Jordan
Keep going to the Northern Theatre and start heading on the Cardo Maximus path. Make sure to stop at the Nympheum, which used to have a fountain and water drain. See if you can find the moving pillar or ask the locals which one is the moving one.

Northern Theatre in Jerash, Jordan
Eventually you'll reach the Arch of Hadrian again, Head back to where the bus let you off and catch a bus back.

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