Mt. Nebo / Dead Sea on a Budget

Thursday, July 06, 2017
From capital city Amman it's possible to visit Mt. Nebo and the Dead Sea. Head to the North Station and ask for a bus to Madaba (cost: 1 dinar). The bus doesn't have a time schedule, but will leave when approximately half full. Once in Madaba you can catch a cab to Mount Nebo.

View over the Promised Lands seen from Mt. Nebo, Jordan

Moses' Staff at Mt. Nebo, Jordan
Besides the view at Mt. Nebo. You'll find a modern sculpture of Moses' staff. Across from the sculpture you can enter the basilica uncovered in the 1930's by archaeologists. The ruins have been incorporated into the structure of a modernized church building, known as Memorial Church of Moses. The church has mosaics from the old basilica still preserved.
As you visit Mt. Nebo ask the cab driver to wait for you. Afterwards you'll go to the Dead Sea (the total price for the taxi ride should be somewhere between 25 and 35 dinars. From Madaba to Nebo to Dead Sea. Depending on the driver).

Memorial Church at Mt. Nebo, Jordan
To visit the Dead Sea (the lowest land place on Earth) on the Jordanian side your best option is to go to Amman Beach. Confusingly the beach is NOT located anywhere near Amman. The beach is owned by a resort and the entry is 20 dinars. For that price you'll get full access to changing rooms, showers, swimming pools and of course Amman Beach, where you can float in the Dead Sea. There is a cheaper option further down the road (12 dinars), which has no swimming pools.
The reason for the floaty waters lies in the salt density. The salt levels reach an astonishing 33,7 percent. They say, that if you evaporated a litre of water from the Dead Sea you'd end up with 250 grams of salt.

Dead Sea by Amman Beach, Jordan
From Amman Beach ask the receptionists for a taxi to Al Rama bus station (5 dinars max). The "bus station" is basically just crossroads, as Al Rama is a tiny local village. Don't except to find English speaking people there. Stay in Al Rama and wait for the local bus which will take you to Amman downtown for just 1 dinar.

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