Visiting Ang Thong Marine National Park

Thursday, October 05, 2017
Ang Thong National Marine Park is located west of Koh Samui in Thailand. The park consists of 42 islands. Most of the islands are close to each other, providing a beautiful setting, as you sail around the park. Day tours are available from Koh Samui (and Koh Phangan/Koh Tao). Prices range from 1500 to 2800 Thai Baht, some including the National Park fee of 300 Thai Baht.

Pha Jun Jara Natural Trail viewpoint in Ang Thong Marine National Park, Thailand
The most famous panoramic view of the national park is without a doubt the Pha Jun Jara Natural Trail viewpoint located on the largest island; Koh Wua Ta Lap. The hike is not for the faint-hearted however. We managed to reach the top in about 25 minutes, but most climbers spend closer to an hour reaching the summit. That being said, it is absolutely worth the effort! If you haven't lost your breath during the hike, then the view up there is guaranteed to take your breath away. The downhill climb isn't easy either, but not quite as exhausting.

Welcome sign at Koh Wua Ta Lap in Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand
If hiking isn't for you, Koh Wua Ta Lap has a nice white sandy beach. You can even buy a coke or a beer and a meal, before you hit one of the hammocks. But by any means, give the hike a chance. There's view-platforms at every 100 meters of the climb, so even a halfway climb could be worth the struggle.

Emerald Green Lake at Koh Mae Koh in Ang Thong Marine National Park, Thailand
A day tour from Koh Samui always includes more than one stop. And every tour includes the Emerald Green Lake on Koh Mae Koh island. The salt lake is actually a closed-off lagoon which is accessable by a minor staircase climb.

Diadema Sea Urchins resting at Ang Thong Marine National Park, Thailand
We tried snorkeling a few of the bays around the national park. There where some marine life to be spotted, but nothing major considering what Thailand normally has to offer snorkeling-wise. Mostly we stumbled upon parrot fish, butterfly fish, sea urchins, dead corals and muddy water.

Most of the tours offers kayaking as part of the package. We rowed from bay to bay through the beautiful scenery. A day tour to Ang Thong is an absolute must, if you're planning to visit Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao.

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