Colors of Taichung

Saturday, December 23, 2017
Taichung is officially the second most populous city in Taiwan after Taipei. Located along the western coast the municipality holds 2,65 million people spread across 2,241 square kilometres.

Rainbow Village in Taichung, Taiwan
We arrived in Taichung by local bus. We had reserved tickets in advance, which turned out not to be necessary as there was plenty of space. The local staff even let us go on an earlier bus, as we had arrived an hour prior to our departure time.

The Old Train Station in Taichung, Taiwan
The busses in Taichung runs from the Old Train Station, which is now just a pass-way to the newly built train station. There's no metro system, so we took local busses around the city as well. Google Maps was of great assistance and quite precise on bus schedules and prices.

Golden Plaza in Taichung, Taiwan
Right across from the Old Train Station is a much newer building; the Golden Plaza. The 22-story skyscraper really stands out and it looks amazing in the dimmed light around sunset.

Taichung Park Pavilion, Taiwan
Not far from our hostel; Backpack 41 Youth Hostel, we could walk to Taichung Park which hosts a water fountain, brigdes, boats, gardens and a pavilion. It's a nice place to catch a breath and escape the stressed big city loudness.

Painted Animation Lane in Taichung, Taiwan
Painted Animations Lane is a short and narrow side-street in Taichung with painted murals of cartoon and anime shows from around the world. Even though the walk is done in just a few minutes it's worth the visit.

Rainbow Village in Taichung, Taiwan
We reached Rainbow Village by local bus. The "village" is quite small, but nonetheless the most interesting place to me in Taichung. The "one man show" is painted by a talented and visionary local veteran solider. The veteran villages of Taiwan was built hastily to provide shelter for soldiers and their families after retreating from Mainland China. This particular veteran village was then entirely painted by one of the retired soldiers.

Feng Chia Night Market in Taichung, Taiwan
The best place to end your day in Taichung is at Feng Chia Night Market. Food stall upon food stall calls both locals and tourist to this street. The amount of choices is endless and you will surely leave this place with a hurting stomach.

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