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Friday, December 01, 2017
We stepped into another world in Osaka. So to speak.

Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan
Our trip around Osaka began at another Japanese castle. They all look alike, but the setting and surrounding area often makes them seem different from one-another. Osaka Castle was encircled by water and had a small bridge connecting it to the "mainland". The details of the different ornaments were beautiful.

Osaka Castle
When you visit Osaka, you have to get some local food. And preferably in the Dotonbori area. A street area packed with restaurants. Some have long lines of people waiting to have a meal, others are crowded but has less wait time. Common for all is the high quality of the meals served. Many of the restaurants has large billboards or over-sized figures outside and on the exterior.

Dotonbori area in Osaka, Japan
We had one last mission that day; to see the Umeda Sky Building. An odd construction which most of all looks like a launching station for a space rocket. It's possible to go on the sky deck, but we decided not to.

Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, Japan
Next morning we had big plans. We packed everything and headed for Universal Studios Japan. After throwing our luggage in locker rooms outside the park, we headed for the entrance. 7.600 yen is the price to enter, but we had prepared for an expensive day.

Universal Studios moving logo outside Universal Studios Japan
Since both Joe and I are quite exited by the "Despicable Me"-movies and more specifically the Minions we headed straight for Mayham Minion Park. The ride there was a simulator, which was a cool experience. We rode several other simulators throughout the day.

Joe with a minion in Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan
My favorite part of the park was without a doubt the Harry Potter area. They had built the entire Hogmeade street leading up to Hogwarts. As I grew up with Harry Potter and was absolutely obsessed with the entire universe, I got straight back into the fan-zone. The details around the area made everything seem so authentic. The cold breezy weather and a lot of Japanese school kids in their school uniforms contributed to the atmosphere. Definitely worth the visit.

Hogsmeade in 

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