BULA from Fiji

Thursday, February 22, 2018
BULA! That's the Fiji greeting - and you will without a doubt yell bula from the top of your lungs on more than one occasion if you choose to visit this cast away and astonishing country.
We had only a week to spend in Fiji, so we decided to make the most of it. A local homestay host in Viseisei Village, near Nadi, helped us plan an itinerary.

Mana Island

Sunset at Mana Island, Fiji
Besides the beautiful sunsets at Mana Island, there's a sand island nearby, with a very lively reef surrounding it. We spotted several rare species here and soft corals that have died out in most other places. Definitely worth a visit.

Snorkeling near Mana Island, Fiji
Mana Island itself wasn't the best island, but it served a very important purpose. We stayed at Mana Lagoon, a place which seems to be overrun by drunken backpackers, but this resort is one of the few in Fiji which run tours to Monuriki Island.

Monuriki Island (Cast Away Island)

Wilson on the beach of Monuriki Island, Fiji
If you haven't guessed it by now, you need to update your movie collection. Monuriki is the island where Tom Hanks got stranded and became best buddies with a volleyball named Wilson in the 2000 hit movie; Cast Away.

Posing with Wilson on Monuriki Island, Fiji
The Cast Away Tour takes you around the island to several filming locations, including; the "HELP ME"-sign on the beach; the cave Tom Hanks hid in; the rock he engraved number of days on and the place where he found the dead pilot and later buried him. One of the coolest movie locations to visit and for a movie freak like me, it's a total must.

The rock where Tom Hanks engraved his days on Monuriki Island, Fiji

Wayasewa Island

On Wayasewa we stayed at Naqalia Lodge. One of the more authentic accommodations I've stayed at. The people running this place are like family and they welcome every visitor like so. We were greeted with song on the beach, as our boat hit the shore.

One of the family dogs on top of Wayasewa Island, Fiji
It's hard to capture moments like these on photo. The vibe and the hospitality at Naqalia Lodge was impeccable. I've rarely felt so welcomed and cared about in a foreign place. The locals had a Fijian night for us, where we were welcomed to the family with a kava ceremoni.
During our stay we; hiked the sunrise peak of the island; went snorkeling off the beach; dozed off in the hamrocks and took a trip to the school on the other side of the island together with the Chief of the island. All in all there was no doubt, that Wayasewa surprised me. I expected Fiji to be everything but authentic. I was proven wrong.

Village school kids at Wayasewa Island, Fiji
We left Wayasewa with an expanded family, as they sang us a goodbye song on the beach until we disappeared in the horizon. And as the Naqalia Family says; "It's easy to say bula, but it's hard to say goodbye".

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