Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pura Vida is the most important words in Costa Rica, meaning; pure life. But what is pure life? We headed to Costa Rica to find the answers.

Meeting the Locals
Our Pura Vida family in San Ramon, Costa Rica
Costa Ricans are some of the most friendly people on the planet. Wherever you go, you'll meet helping hands and smiles. Lasse and I had time to catch up with a friend, Denisse, while meeting her whole family in the process. I got no words for the amount of love shown to us in this foreign country.

Visiting a Volcano
View from Volcan Arenal, Costa Rica
We vistid the volcano named Arenal. The port of Arenal is a small touristic town; La Fortuna. The hike near the volcano was quite beautiful, with enormous cedar trees, lots of wildlife and (unfortunately) a volcano not so visible. Make sure you visit Arenal on a clear day. the view over the nearby lake however was stunning as ever.

Swimming in a Blue Pool
Blue Pools, Costa Rica
The Blue Pools of Costa Rica are truly blue. A bit cold, but worth the rush after hiking a short track through the rainforest. Without a doubt one of my favorite spots in this lush and beautiful country.

Hiking to a Waterfall
Rio Agrio Falls, Costa Rica
We encountered several waterfalls on our way around Costa Rica. One of the more prominent ones was Rio Agrio Falls. A forceful waterfall unleashing the power of nature as the water flow almost explodes from the mountains above.

Going to the Beach
Puntarenas Beachfront, Costa Rica
Puntarenas might not be the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica, but the waterfront has several other things to offer. A lighthouse is placed at the end of the peninsula, many street shops sells every type of souvenir and local food specialties. Huge oceanliners often dock here, to let the passengers enjoy a little peak of Costa Rica.

Spotting Wildlife in the Rainforest
Crested Guan in the rainforest, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is very rich on wildlife. Everything from frogs, snakes and lizards to insects, birds, monkeys, sloths and many many more. When you're hiking in the rainforest, you're eyes are always scanning the area for new and exciting species you haven't encountered before.

Visiting the Capital
National Theatre in San José, Costa Rica
San José might not be the most exciting capital in the world, but strolling through the city is definitely worth it. Prominent buildings like; the National Theatre, the Cathedral and the Old Post Office are all tucked in tight inside central San José.

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