Wyoming: Forever West

Thursday, April 12, 2018

With a population just around 600.000, Wyoming is the least populous and the second least densely populated state in the USA (and the 10th largest by area!). 31 cities in the US has more citizen than the entire state of Wyoming. There sure is a lot of space here, and somehow that's the charm.

Devil's Tower

Devils Tower rises 265 meters from base to summit. The national monument was first of its kind, being declared a national monument in 1906 by then-President Theodore Roosevelt. The name of the rock created by magma rising from below the ground, has be of great controversy. "Devils Tower" was an misinterpretation of a native name "Bad God's Tower". Since there has been claims to try and change the name. None has been succesful so far.
Devils Tower might be far from everything, but it's one of my absolute favorite nature spots in the US. The area around the "tower" is astonishingly raw and it seems like the perfect place to leave some thoughts and just take in a deep breath the fresh air.

Prairie Dogs

ALLEN! Yes, that's right; prairie dogs. While you're at Devils Tower, look out for the prairie dogs roaming the area. They are quite curious creatures, but they can bite if frightened, so keep a distance. Some of them will leave their caves and come to your car, if you park by the side of the road.


The town of Sundance, Wyoming is named after the native Sun Dance ceremony performed by native American tribes. The infamous "Sundance Kid" (Harry Longabaugh) gained his nickname here after spending some time behind bars. Sundance Mountain witch "watches over" the town is sacred to the native American tribes and stands beautifully on a clear day.


The city of Gillette is famous for two things; beer and barbershops. That's right, if you head to main street; S Gillette Avenue, you'll find the Gillette Brewing Company. Close-by is Rapscallions Barbershop, which is often serving military personel. Besides the perfect haircuts and tasty beers, Gillette is also nicknamed "The Energy Capital of the Nation" due to it's involvement in coal, oil and methane gas production.


Wyoming has a buffalo on their state flag. Driving around the state you'll surely spot some of these masculine creatures. Even better though (if you're not a vegetarian) is the buffalo burgers you can taste in the local restaurants. I guess the state slogan; "Forever West", is quite fitting after all.

Lost Springs

Last stop is called Lost Springs. A village with a population of - wait for it - FOUR people. The village has a store and a bar, but unfortunately both were closed during our visit. Bummer.
While you're in the area have a pizza in Lusk at the Pizza Place - you can thank me later.

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