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Saturday, May 12, 2018

The major port city of Miami has drawn American as well as foreign tourists to its tropical weather and high class life for decades. Here's a small list of points of interest to visit in Miami, Florida.

Miami South Beach
Miami South Beach, Florida, USA
Any visit to Miami is not complete before you've been to the beach. Miami Beach is the hottest spot in town. The weather almost always good and the restaurants and bars not far. Expect it to be packed and overpriced. No free sun-chairs around this beach.

Art Deco District
Historical Art Deco District in Miami, Florida, USA
The Art Deco Historic District in Miami is located right next to Miami South Beach and boasts a large amount of colorful buildings, most of which houses restaurants, cafés and bars. A very busy area where both locals and tourists mix. Italian designer Gianni Versace's former mansion is also located here. And if you're interested in cars, you'll see plenty of high-end cars in this area as well.

Wynwood Walls
Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida, USA
Wynwood Walls is an area north of Downtown Miami attracting street artists looking for spaces to showcase their work. The wall murals are everywhere in the area along side low key cafés and restaurants. Entrance here is free, which makes it one of my favorite things to do in Miami.

Vizcaya Mansion
Vizcaya Mansion in Miami, Florida, USA
Vizcaya Mansion is located south of Downtown Miami. The mansion and gardens functions as a museum today, but was built in the 1910's as James Deering's winter home. This spectacular estate is still home to fully furnished room from back then.

Old Post Office
The Post Office Building on Washington Avenue in Miami, Florida, USA
A quite prominent building located on Washington Avenue houses a post office. The building is considered to be somewhat part of the Art Deco although built in 1937 it has obtained some more modern and simplified attributes.

Licoln Road Mall
Lincoln Road Mall in Miami, Florida, USA
Licoln Road Mall is the main shopping street in the Miami Beach area. At night there are more outdoor dinning options than you'll ever see, along side flagship stores of different fashion brands and an IMAX cinema at the very end of the road mall.

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