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Backpacker-Paradise.com was published on April 29th, 2014.
Originally intended to be a personal travel journal aimed at friends and family, with no intention of going larger.
Writing while traveling gets tough and laziness takes over at some point. During the first year I wrote more out of duty than out of passion. Knowing I had advice to give and opinions to share that I - at the time - didn't have the time nor the inclination to write down. I traveled for 7 months straight from June to December that year. Once back home I decided to share whatever I had missed along the journey, but never really caught up since more travels kept coming.
Now I simply write whenever the passion overwhelms me. Slowly, but steadily I'm turning my journal into a database of advice for backpackers around the globe. Backpackers looking for new adventures. Backpackers like myself.

What do I get in Return?

When first publishing this site I had already made affiliate connections, which covered my site in click-and-earn-ads.
Once noticing I had gained quite a few readers - even though I wasn't promoting my site in any way - I had my site redesigned and re-launched. Deciding to get rid of the ads - for the pleasure of the readers - in the process. I wasn't too fond about the idea of my site plastered in ads, when someone was actually reading my posts. You'll still find a few advertisements around my site, but I'm trying to keep it at a minimum. Only covering the server costs etc.
I write because I know how far you can get with some good piece of information. How drawn you can get by reading about amazing destinations. I guess some part of me always wanted to be a writer, I just never went down that road until I began writing blogs about my travels.
So what do I get in return? I get the satisfaction of giving back some of the great advice I did and still do receive from even more experienced travelers than myself. I hand out information taught by my own mistakes and experiences during numerous travels.


I hope my writing has made someone visit a place, tried some food, followed a different path than they originally intended to or booked a flight to a country they never knew about. I hope it made a difference for someone's journey by sharing my experiences. Welcome and enjoy your stay while exploring Backpacker Paradise.

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