Fan Fest Salvador: Brazil vs. Chile

Sunday, June 29, 2014
After a few rainy days here in Salvador the weather finally cleared up for the Round of 16 between Brazil and Chile.
The Salvador Fan Fest is located at Farol da Barra (Barra Lighthouse). With the lighthouse in center from the big screen and ocean on both sides. This is truly a unique spot.

The field in front of the big screen was packed on this sunny day. And the Brazilians seemed to be demanding a victory to lead them into the quarterfinals.
During the game it started raining, but almost everyone stood their ground - this game was too important to be spoiled by bad weather.

1st half: David Luiz hit the nets! BRAZIL 1-0. Crowd goes nuts.
Later in the 1st half: Fumble ball ends up in front of Alexis Sanchez. 1-1.
2nd half remained goalless with Hulk being denied a goal.
Overtime: Chile with a cannonball on the crossbar minutes before the penalty shoot-out.
The crowd at Salvador Fan Fest seemed nervous yet confident that their team was gonna make it into the quarterfinals with a win decided by penalty shoot-out.
And so they did. With two amazing saves from Julio Ceasar, Chile had to score on their last penalty.
The crowd goes silent. And then BOOM! An explosion of relief and excitement shatters the silence as the shot takes the post and flies off. Brazil is in the quarterfinal!

This was one of those World Cup moments that leaves you speechless and with goosebumps up and down your arms. What a thrill!
We met two Brazilians, Isadora and Juliana, who seemed shaken yet excited post match.

And as the sun went down behind Farol da Barra, Brazil lives to see yet another day at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Vamos Brazil!!

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