The Small Things

Saturday, June 28, 2014
Being a backpacker, every day stuff like having your clothes machine washed or eating a decent meal becomes a luxury.
After almost 3 weeks in Brazil we decided that we had earned ourselves that luxury. So we went down to the local 'lavendacia' and had our clothes washed and dried.

We had planned spend the day taking a bus to a huge shopping mall about 35 minutes from our hostel. Where we had to collect our tickets for Belgium vs. USA at the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre.

Took us almost half an hour (yes it's that big) of wandering around Iguatemi Shopping before we found the Ticketing Centre. But with our tickets in hand we had the rest of the day off, walking the mall.

Even though we had just washed our clothes, we both bought some new clothes at the mall. Once a again a luxury we don't allow ourselves too often.
As we were there, we yet again allowed ourselves another luxury; a good Brazilian meal.
When it comes to luxury it's the small things that counts after all.

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