Late Night Dinner with a Twist of Brazil

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Ruthe who took us to Beach Park yesterday insisted on showing us more of this beautiful city, if we had the time.

We had moved from Hotel Cocal to Pousada Rei Arthur since we wanted to stay for one more night in Fortaleza as Brazil is playing against Mexico right here in Fortaleza tomorrow! Hotel Cocal couldn't provide us with one more night, so we got a room at Pousada Rei Arthur.
The mexican fans are already gathering and getting ready for tomorrows game.

We decided to spend more time with Ruthe. She came by our new - and a lot more... cozy - room. It has it all! Mini-bar and comfy beds. The cozyness is overwhelming.
Ruthe picked us up by car - once again. She really understands how to treat the guests of her country.

Ruthe drove us all the way to this huge shopping mall called Iguatemi for dinner.
It's the first good meal we had since we arrived. In our urge of trying to save money, we have been eating A LOT of breakfast at the hotel and just a snack in the evening. Having a good warm meal felt extremely satisfying and well-earned.

We wanted to try something Brazilian. Lasse chose Stroganoff de Camarao and I went with Badejo ao Belle Muniere - some type of Brazilian fish seen in the picture below.

The taste was heavenly! I'm not sure if it was because of the lousy food we've been allowing ourselves, but it was amazing!
Yesterday at Beach Park we talked about jellyfish and by accident Ruthe called them swallow fish. The word got stuck as an internal joke as Lasse enjoyed Brazilian meal in the fashion style of swallow fish.

With a good meal comes great dessert. Ruthe showed us her favorite - icecream with chocolate sauce and a heated cookie at the bottom. We got one for sharing, but it was so good that Lasse and I went for another one. Each. Swallowfish-style.

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