Brazilian Hospitality at Beach Park

Monday, June 16, 2014
I spend some time online looking for local contacts in Fortaleza as I was curious to meet locals and having them showing me the best places in this city. And I hit the jackpot!
I got in contact with a girl who told med Beach Park was the place to see.

Ruthe (the girl I got in contact with) invited Lasse and I to spend the day at Beach Park and afterworth at her friend's beach house near Beach Park where we would grab a couple of beers and have a chat across cultures.

Travelling with an open mind we agreed to go. Ruthe and her friend Tainah came by the hotel to pick us up by car. We weren't sure if they were gonna show, but they did!

We stopped by the super market to pick up beer and snacks for the evening, before driving to Beach Park.

Already having seen the amazing beaches inside the city of Fortaleza, I was not sure what to expect - and what a surprise!

Beach Park is the most amazing beach I have ever seen in my entire life! Huge white sand beach with blue water and palm trees. Just like the movies, but even better.

What a great place! And we would never have seen it if it weren't for the great Brazilian hospitality of Ruthe and her friends - how awesome is it to make arrangements with total strangers, pick them up in your car and drive them to beautiful places? I can't believe that they did all that for us, I hope to return the favor someday! For now all I can do is be grateful. Boa noite!

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