Match Day - Uruguay vs. Costa Rica

Sunday, June 15, 2014
Last night we went to our first ever World Cup match!

Estadio Castelao houses 65.000, and last night more than 58.000 were seated to watch Uruguay vs. Costa Rica.

On our way to the stadium we met Fernando. A Brazilian guy who's been living in New York for the past 16 years - but returned to his home-country for the World Cup.
He was really cool and helpful showing us the way to the stadium.

We stayed with Fernando all day - as he turned out to be a great, funny and FAST guy. Lase and I joked that he must've been the brother from another mother of Usain Bolt. Always running around taking pictures and talking to new people.

Uruguay opened up the goodie bag with a penalty goal from Edison Cavani. The huge masses of lightblue-shirted people surrounding us were cheering loudly.

In the second half we decided to move side and found a couple of seats among the Costa Rican fans. Costa Rica was dominating. A top-motivated Joel Campell was playing at his very best and it paid of. With 3 goals in the second half Costa Rica secured the win. The massive red crowd went completely mad!

The underdog of Group D is now in the lead with Italy just behind while England and Uruguay had the worst possible start at the 2014 Fifa World Cup.
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