Cebu City Tour

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Yesterday we arrived in Cebu at our first ever couchsurfing host; Grace.

Grace turned out to be more than one person. Actually a lot more. Apart from the other couchsurfer staying here, the house is always swirling with people.

Grace, Phillip, Verge (paparazzi guy) and Charlie runs a travel agency together arranging tours in the Philippines and especially in Cebu; and even international as well. They know everything about good diving spots and how to move your way around this island. Their company is called Lupad. If you're looking to book a vacation trip around Cebu these are the guys you wanna get in contact with. For more information check out their homepage at

These guys are definitely handing out some love! We're overwelmed by their friendliness and hospitality. And the fact that they're locals and running a travel agency makes them the best guides you can have on this island!
After a long day with sightseeing in Cebu city, we decided to serve some Danish 'hakkebøffer' for dinner.

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