Birthday in Manila

Friday, July 25, 2014
On the 23rd of July we travelled south to visit Manila in the Philippines.

As we decided we wanted to go to Cebu for diving we only had a few days here in Manila. We spend the days here including my birthday visiting malls, eating great food for low costs and going to the movies!

Everything here is even cheaper than Hong Kong. Even inside the big malls the shops sell at a price you would never see back home in Denmark.
What surprised us the most was the prices for food. It's so low they're almost giving it away.

The Philippine people are extremely friendly! Always smiling and saying 'Hello Sir' even though they have no clue who you are. At first you're skeptical but once you realize that it's all out of kindness you start to greet strangers yourself.
There really is a charm to this country that is unique. Especially the small busses or jeepneys that function as 'public transport' is making the Philippines an extraordinary experience.

Spending my birthday in the Philippines wasn't such a bad idea. Tomorrow we're leaving for Cebu - I can't wait to go diving!

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