Big City Jungle

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Hong Kong is a big city. Skyscrapers rising everywhere in this mekka of expensive designer brands, expensive cars, American restaurants and shops, street sellers, local noodle shops and parks everywhere within the city.

Whether you're looking to buy a Rolex watch, the newest Louis Vuitton bag or a brand new Ferrari - Hong Kong will deliver.
That being said if you're looking for a fake Omega watch, a fake Gucci bag or almost anything else, Hong Kong is also the place to look.

When I first arrived in Hong Kong I felt like I'd landed in London, England. After just 4 days here I am certain that I judged Hong Kong too quickly by it's cover.
Don't get me wrong it's a nice city and if you're looking for a business career this could be the place for you. But once you break the surface you'll see the people selling drugs on every corner every day of the week. You'll see the guesthouses which are never cleaned or checked. And most importantly you'll see the people wearing the fake watches and fake bags trying to look like the ones who wears the real ones.
But once you 'leave' the city and begin exploring the jungle here it's truly something beautiful.

The city is filled with parks upon parks. Birds, monkeys and turtles. Workout areas and water fountains are just a few of the things you'll get to see. And I haven't even begun to write about the temples.
And it's free. All parks here are free - ain't that something?
Among the more interesting things, we visited the Chi Lin Temple.

I could never live in this city forever, but I could certainly be lost here for a couple of days.
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