Hong Kong: The English China

Sunday, July 20, 2014
After 5 weeks in Brazil we are now on the other side you might say. Last night we stepped off the plane after 32 hours and into the city of Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a lot different from Brazil. First of all; almost everybody here speaks English. Secondly; it looks English here. It looks like London. Famous designer brands in clothing, jewelry, perfume and shoes all have their own stores, the cars drive in the left side of the road and they even have English street names.
But the people and the culture is not English. Everywhere you see Chinese looking people and the streets are covered in signs with Chinese letters. Yet there's expensive European cars driving the roads and American fast food places like McDonald's, KFC and 7-Eleven on every street corner.

We arrived late Friday night, went to bed and got up early to explore the city. We took a walk to Kowloon Park and visited three museums before walking the Avenue of Stars along the Hong Kong Skyline.

We randomly met some other Danes and decided to join them for a look around Hong Kongs night life on a Saturday.
When you wanna go out on town in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong is the place to be. The street is filled with bars, pubs and night clubs - and most importantly; thirsty people.
There's still much to see in Hong Kong and only 3 days left to see it. To be continued...

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