The Love You Give

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Once again the Brazilian hospitality seize to surprise

After arriving in Brazil, we quickly noticed that the Brazilians are active on the social media.

Getting in touch with the locals is an amazing opportunity to get advice and news about the city you're in and more importantly; getting yourself some amazing new friends - and what better way to do that than by using the online social media?

Aninha or simply Anna is one of the local Brazilians to use the social media. We got in contact one of the first days we stayed here in Belo Horizonte. She used to be a backpacker herself and told us that she was housing a couple of Mexican guys right now. She agreed to show us her city, but suddenly plans changed and we were going to Ouro Prêto; an old gold mining city about 100 kilometers from Belo Horizonte.

Aninha and the Mexicans; Kris and Emilio, picked us up in centro and we were on our way! We spend all day in Ouro Prêto; a stunning setting with museums, churches and a ride down the old gold mine.

The day after our roadtrip to Ouro Prêto we met up in the center of Belo Horizonte for more sightseeing with ATA: 'Aninha Travel Agency'. It can be tedfious being a tour guide...

After spending two days with us, Aninha invited us to her home to watch the semi-final between Brazil and Germany together with har family and friends. In Brazil it's a tradition to watch the games with your friends and family, so of course we said yes to experiencing this tradition at point-blank.

Unfortunately the match went down in World Cup history as one of the worst games Brazil has ever played. All of Aninhas family was there and the disapointment was painted in their faces - laughing in despair - as their national heroes went out of the 2014 FIFA World Cup with shattered honor and such broken hearts that it gave me goosebumps.

This was not what we had hoped for. After getting in touch the Brazilian hospitality once again, we cheered for Brazil like it was our own national team. Inviting us to her home to share this tradition with her and her family was an act of friendly love. What happend on that pitch was just cruel.

We spend our last day in Belo Horizonte at Aninha's place as well. Friends, soccer, music and pizza.

Aninha has this kind of personality and open mind I like to call; spirit of a backpacker. To invite total strangers to your house or pick them up in your car and then drive 100 kilometers just to show them amazing places and share unforgettable memories; I mean who does this?
The short a simple answer is; a spirit of a backpacker.

Someone who truly believes that your life's gonna see the love you give return.


  1. Yey! Now I can leave a comment!
    Alex, the time I spent with you guys was AMAZING. I miss it sooo bad, you have no idea. Or have, because I say this to you many times =P
    By the way, was a pleasure for me to show you guys a little of where I live, and of my family and friends. All of them loved how you are nice and great people. The doors are aaalways open! Can't wait to see you again!
    With love,

  2. Emilio Servin (from México city)15 September, 2014 08:23

    MUITO OBRIGADO!!!!...por toda a atenção da família Aninha são uma excelente e bela familia!!!....Deus abençoe!!...
    For my good Danish friends .....Let me tell you something man, you are an amazing friends, I liked to watch the soccer games with you, also supporting Germany, the f*cker planner machine hahaha...just joking and the most important was the time that we went to Ouro Preto, the songs in the highway (you sang with Sir David Guetta and his best song TITANIUM the most greatful moment), we had our conversations...whatever we made a good moments. I hope you are well, and you continue enjoying your journey around the world.....this experiencie for you will be amazing. Btw I'm dying to meet Denmark, drink a lot of cold Coronas and do not deny it, with Danish girls also!....
    Hugs and regards for all.....


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