Canigao Island

Monday, August 18, 2014
For the weekend I moved away from civilization and closer to paradise. My friends from the Philippines took us to Canigao Island.

To get to Canigao Island from Cebu City, we had to catch a ferry to Leyte Island. A 6 hour ride with a pleasant sleep in bunk beds so close to the railing that my head was practically hanging outside of the ship. I woke up a few times to the ocean rushing by, but all in all it was a comfortable ride for Php 285.00 each.

The boat that took us from Leyte to Canigao was just Php 60.00 each, so all in all it was a cheap trip getting to a small almost untouched (atleast by tourists) island.

We spend all day at the island exploring what the island had to offer for a group of crazy snorklers. The coral reef was mostly dead and dried out, but there was plenty of exciting fish to play with. As cliche as it sounds we actually found Nemo also know as the clown fish. A species I didn't spot during my dives at Apo Island. We also spotted angel fish on as we swam all the way along the shores of Canigao.

 Not only are there a lot of fish to look at, there's also a lot of fish to eat. Actually, there's only fish to eat. And shells. Very authentic and exotic. And like any other places, you can get a cold beer with that.

We stayed over night in what the island has to offer; a bamboo hut on the beach for Php 700.00 for a night. It's also allowed to stay in a tent if you pay a smaller fee.
We spend the night drinking beer and sharing a bottle of rum, and as darkness swallowed the island the stars lit up on the sky and we just lied there under the starry sky looking at shooting stars - wishing for nothing - 'cause we had everything right there and then.

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  1. This is awesome, Alex! *-*

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