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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
During my stay in Cebu, Philippines I have been couch surfing with some locals. Locals who not only turned out to be business owners, but also locals who turned out to be friends.

Grace, Verge, Phillip and Charlie are all founders and owners of Lupad Travel. A travel agency with a lot of opportunities to simplify your holidays as they handle the booking and all you have to handle is packing and getting on a flight to discover new adventures!

Couch surfing with these guys has been unbelievable, not only are they friendly and very competent within tour guiding; their hospitality exceeded every possible imagination.

We didn't book through the business Lupad Travel, but we did meet the people behind this company - and they're are absolutely amazing people. City tour in Cebu, snorkeling in Moalboal, taking dips at Kawasan Falls, visiting the monkeys at Leyte and spending a night at Canigao is just some of the amazing things we did with these guys! And as we left them to go on our own adventures here on this island and the surrounding islands, they helped out by planning and making our trip the best possible. They showed us the ways of the Philippines, from eating exotic food to using the local transportation to get around.

I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend Lupad Travel to anyone I know. While traveling I have learnt that the locals always knows best. Where to eat, what to see and where to go - as goes for the Lupad Travel guys - Grace, Verge, Phillip and Charlie - they definitely know exactly how to plan your perfect holiday.

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