Japanese Grand Prix: Sad Slippery Sunday

Monday, October 06, 2014
The weather forecast said it would rain. And they were right.
After two days with training sessions, qualifiers and burning sun at Suzuka Circuit; The weather Gods in Japan decided it was time for a bath.

Posing with F1 fans at Suzuka Circuit, Japan
As the F1 race was about to take-off, it was literally piss raining and the race had to be postponed. But just 10 minutes later it was clearing up. The race went on, but with the safety car in front. When the race was finally realized Alonso was already out and the drivers where struggling with visibility due to the spray created from the huge amounts of water on the track.

I'm certain that our Danish driver Kevin Magnussen had one of his worst birthdays. With five pit-stops and a steering wheel malfunction his lost his starting position as number six in no time. The whole race was a big mess of pit-stops and racers being overtaken by a lap.

The whole slippery she-bang however ended up being covered in a dark shadow as race driver Jules Bianchi spun off the track and hit the truck that was moving Sutil's car. Sutil who had just made the same mistake as Bianchi and gone off-track. Bianchi left the track unconscious in the back of an ambulance.
News is that Bianchi have undergone surgery prior to severe head injuries and that he is now breathing without help, but everyone in the world of Formula 1 is still holding their breath and wishing the best for Bianchi. Forza Jules.

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