One-Day Trip to Osaka

Wednesday, October 08, 2014
I left Nagoya right in the middle of the typhoon. It sound awful and dangerous, but in Nagoya it was nothing more than a little wind in your hair and some rain. I caught a bus to Osaka which took less than 3 hours and was only 3000 yen.
We stayed with a Dutch guy named Paul who hosted us on last-call through couchsurfing - talking about a good guy there!
Originally Osaka wasn't included in my itinerary, but as my travel buddy Lasse and I agree on going to Kyoto, we might as well hit Osaka on the way. I'm told Osaka is like a mini version of Tokyo, thus I haven't visited Tokyo (yet), I can't tell if it's true.

What I can tell though, is that Osaka is a lot more city-like, compared to Nagoya. It didn't take us long to find the shopping area called Namba which has a lot of exciting shops and stores worth exploring. Japan is so freaky, that just walking around looking at weird stuff is an attraction by itself.

Again the food is so special that you literally just point randomly when ordering, yet we didn't have our lunch in a regular Japanese restaurant. We when to Burger King. And that's with good reason!
Burger King Japan has something called 'the Black Burger', I was familiar with the name before I came here, but I was still surprised when I walked past the sign outside Burger King in Osaka. Of course we had to try it.

The first bite seemed normal, then there was a strange taste, but nothing major. I'm still not sure whether the looks of the burger fooled my brain to think it tasted differently than a regular burger or if it in fact had a different taste. The black bun, black cheese and black sauce sure doesn't look too tasty, but it is just fast food after all.

Besides the Black Burger experience I would recommend visiting the street area around Dotonbori which has a lot (!) of crazy restaurants which overwhelming signs and mascots outside.

I also had a chance to take a sneak-peak at the Osaka-skyline as well as the 'twin towers' or 'Umeda Sky Building' if you like. Both beautiful sights and definitely worth a visit. Up next is a little more historical exploring in Kyoto, where we're aiming for some of the ancient temples and shrines! Stay tuned for more Nippon updates.

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