Hungry in Penang

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
As my visa for Thailand was about to expired I had to do a border crossing before returning to this beautiful country.
Lasse and I decided that since Malaysia was the closest country and since we both wanted to visit Penang, that our trip should take us to George Town.

Penang is an island on the west coast of Malaysia connected to the mainland by a 13 kilometre long bridge. But as we crossed the bridge and arrived at Lebuh Chulia Street, we got a bit disappointed. Penang (and especially George Town) is very famous for it's street food. There was street food sellers indeed, but without doubt less than we had expected.

We arrived late at night and we hadn't eaten much that day, so we quickly grabbed a burger from one of the sellers on Chulia; Old Trafford Burger. We got really surprised about how tasty and well-made it was - and that was just a burger.
The next day we went browsing for more places to eat this famous food we read and heard so much about. We found a food court - Red Garden - not long from Chulia, which was only open during the evening. We grabbed a few curry and kaya puffs on the way back.

That night we went out and just across the street for some delicious food-on-sticks. It goes like this; you get a plate and you pick the food you want, then you put it in the pot and boil it until you can't wait anymore and then you eat it right off the sticks. Then comes the payment; each stick has a colour-code which refer to the price tag of that given food. Simply return the plate and sticks to the seller and receive your bill. Easy, fun and very well-tasting - not to mention cheap!

Penang is that kind of place where you'll go out for dinner, eat well and then ask your buddy: 'should we go out for second dinner?'.
And so we did. Straight to the food court, the one we spotted earlier, and this time it was open and very busy! You can pretty much get any delicious Malaysian street food there and we went for some roasted duck over rice and with sauce, before going for pizza and ending it off with delicious waffles and icecream.
George Town is certainly much more of a food paradise than our first impressions told us.

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