James Bond Island

Saturday, November 15, 2014
James Bond Island. It's named so because a very famous scene starring Roger Moore as 007 in 'The Man With the Golden Gun' was shot in front of the iconic rock rising from the water off of the island's coast.

As a major James Bond nerd I already knew the looks of this iconic place, I just didn't know it was in Thailand before I got here. The beach however is quite small and has been made smaller as a platform has been built for the many tourists visiting, eager to have their photo taken with this famous and astonishing background.
I'd say that even though you're not a fan of the James Bond series, this place is a piece of breathtaking nature worth visiting. It's quite small and there's a few small paths and climbs to be made while discovering this beauty spot in the ocean, that's if you can make your way past the hordes of tourists and cameras.

As I had bought an 'island hopping' package together with my travel buddy Lasse, we had three other islands to visit that day.
First up was Nakae Island, where we made a stop for swimming and jumping off the boats upper deck. We had hoped for some good visibility for a little snorkeling, but we had to satisfy with swimming in the blue.

Our day ended at Hong Island and Panak Island, where we got taken on canoeing tours, both around and yes under the cliffs, into hidden lagoons which are only reachable when the tide is just right. Some passages you'll only fit through if you lie flat on your back in the canoe and as a result the first thing you'll see on the other side is the sky surrounded by green wall sides.

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