Marvellous Melbourne

Friday, December 12, 2014
I arrived the day before the first day of Christmas: November 30th. In the marvellous city of Melbourne.

Got checked-in at a hostel in the St. Kilda area which later turned out to be a good choice of residence.
On the 1st of December, we spend the day planning our upcoming roadtrip along with our itiniary for Melbourne. The day after was dedicated to see the city. We joined a free city tour around Melbourne and got told the story about the famous Ned Kelly.

Besides some good historical sites in Melbourne, the city is also quite famous for the semi-underground/hipster culture, which especially shows in the narrow street filled with graffiti.

On the next day I met up with one of my old friends from folk high school back in Denmark: Mads. He's studying abroad for a year and showed us a good place for beer, and we sure like that! A conversation which includes beer often takes unexpected turns. So did ours, as Mads told us about the penguins. And I'm not talking about those from the Madagascar movie, I'm talking about real penguins, right in the city of Melbourne. At the pier in St. Kilda to be precise.
As we caught the last tram home - the tram is a brand of Melbourne - we were on a mission; a mission to find the penguins. And we did! I had never imagined I'd see penguins in Australia, but apparently that's quite normal down south.

Our Melbourne days ended as we drove off in our rented Hippie Camper. Driving towards new adventures and new experiences on an epic roadtrip up the Australian east coast.

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