The Australian Roadtrip: Part One: Melbourne to Sydney

Monday, December 15, 2014
First of all we had been talking about integrating a roadtrip into our travels and so we did. We had rented a Hippie Camper, with beds, kitchen, chair, table, gas cooker and everything we needed to make this a pleasant trip.

On the first day we drove from Melbourne to Mornington for a short stop before we drove to Sorrento where we spend the night.

The second day of our quest we drove to San Remo and watched some pelican feeding, before we drove off to Phillip Island where we went straight for the Koala Conservation Centre. In there, we saw koalas (surprise!), but we also saw our very first kangaroo in there. And out of pure dumb luck, as we were walking back towards the exit of the small park, a koala came walking towards us on the road. He even decided to stop and have a look at us as he passed and walking back in to the bush, probably to find another tasty tree. Some of the people working in the conservation centre haven't even seen the koalas like that. What we experienced is classified as extremely rare, as the koalas usually only cross the roads and don't follow them.

High on the koala experience we drove all the to Wilson's Promontory. simply driving in there is an experience out of the ordinary. Once again we went straight for the 'gold' as we climbed Mt. Oberon with the sun setting, before having a well-deserved triple combo of a dinner, a shower, and a good night's sleep by Tidal River.

The next morning we drove to Sqeaky Beach before heading out of Wilson's Promontory with direction; Gipsy Point where the kangaroos where waiting for us! Before our day ended in Eden where we slept next to the Whale Watching Point - unfortunately summer isn't the season for whales. Waking up the next day the weather didn't seem like summer though. Windy, cloudy and rainy, made it less fun to make stops on the way, and as we went for Moon Bay and Nelson's Lagoon in Mimosa Rocks National Park we got completely soaked in the rain. We spend another night in the van at Ulladulla after we had some fish'n'chips on the harbour.

Next morning we woke up to the sound of divers getting ready for a morning dive. We felt a sudden urge to join them, but we had a schedule to keep and drove-off after breakfast, visiting Hyams Beach and 7 Mile Beach near Gerroa, before hitting Kiama where we saw the famous blowhole and got a very cold dip in the naturally formed pool in the rocks by the ocean.

The Hippie Camper then took us across the Sea Cliff Beach towards Sydney where we slept in the suburban before returning the old lady which we named HT and picked up our new ride; a Toyota High Top also known as out HT2, which would take us all the way to Cairns!

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