Snowboarding in Austria

Saturday, April 11, 2015
I spend my Easter holidays snowboarding the mountains of Austria.

Wednesday evening Johan, Lasse and I set off for a 13 hour drive from Denmark to Zell am See in Austria. We arrived first thing Thursday morning exhausted and sleepy - nevertheless we grabbed our snow gear and went straight for the slopes in Zell am See. Thursday's weather wasn't the best - dark and foggy - with slush-ice raining for the skies.
Thankfully Friday's weather cleared up to be 'keiserwetter' and we drove to Kaprun for a little glacier riding in the sun at 3000 meter altitude - where Johan posed at the Top of Salzburg (3029 m).

Saturday was back to cloudy - which made for a shorter day on the slopes. We replaces the last rides of the day with going out for dinner and drinks. We met two girls from Finland; Aura and Emilia and enjoyed a good time.

Sunday, some of us (hence: not Lasse, who was too hungover) went for the slopes and caught a few sunny rides before heading towards Denmark.

Unfortunately our journey back home didn't turn out quite as planned. South of Hannover in Germany our car began asking for oil. Adding engine oil unfortunately didn't solve the problem and we quickly realized, that we weren't gonna make it for another 5 hours.
After waiting for a truck to pick us and the broken car up, we had to wait for the road help service to figure out how we'd get home.
As it was late, we stayed put and spend the night in Magdeburg, an old beautiful german city with an enormous cathedral, countless churches and interesting architecture.

We spend the morning hours wandering the streets of Magdeburg, enjoying a well-deserved german beer, Around midday we finally had a rental car and we could get moving. We arrived home safely without further engine break downs.

I've put together some of the video I caught with my GoPro during the days in Zell am See and Kaprun. Enjoy.
Please watch in 1080p60 for the best experience

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