The Great Christmas Surprise

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
After almost 7 months abroad I returned back home on a 2 day trip from Brisbane to Denmark.
My travel buddy Lasse and I had planned a Christmas surprise that no one knew of.
On December 22nd I got on a plane in Brisbane. A ten hour flight took me to Hong Kong, where a wait time of six hours was spend playing games and talking about the awaiting surprise. The second flight was an exhausting 16 hour flight and took us all the way to London, where we waited. And waited. For eleven hours before a 2 hour flight could take us to Hamburg, where Lasse's dad picked us up on the 23rd of December, driving us to Denmark in about 3 hours. We spend the night at Lasse's dad's.
Next morning we woke up, jet-lagged, exhausted and not quite realizing that we were almost home - yet keen on and excited for the evening's upcoming surprise.
It felt weird putting on clothes which wasn't shorts, slippers and t-shirt, felt weird drinking water from the tap, but the snow definitely felt like a Danish Christmas.
First stop was at Lasse's mom, whom nearly had a heart attack seeing her son standing in the door on Christmas Day.
We drove off to Bryrup - the small village I grew up in - where we hoped to surprise our former roomie and good friend Johan. Unfortunately he and his family was celebrating Christmas at his sister's.We however had the chance to surprise him later during the Christmas holidays.
Lasse then drove me to the neighbors of my parents, where our roads parted for the first time in 7 months. We surely had one hell of a journey!
Lasse drove to Billund, surprising his girlfriend - while I sneaked through the neighbor's backyard and knocked on my parents door right around dinner time. What a great ending to an amazing year - Merry Christmas!

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