Australia Zoo

Monday, December 29, 2014
The zoo of Steve Irwin was our last stop before heading home for Christmas. Crikey!

But before reaching Australia Zoo, we had to make a few stops on the way. First up was Josephine Falls, a relaxing place with a great opportunity to go for a swim or sliding on the water slide created by the rocks.

After a good one hour dip we headed towards the next fall on our list; Wallaman Falls in the National Park of Girringun. Australia's highest single drop water fall.

The single drop water fall was stunning in many ways, but personally I liked Josephine Falls more, for the single reason that it's possible to swim there. What was really beautiful about Wallaman Falls was the drive up there on the small mountain roads.
We drove until late night before catching some sleep in the car in Marlborough.
Next morning we drove off to Gladstone to visit the Rowlands. Jenny and her kids; Matt, Katie and Mitchell. It had been four years since last time I saw them, and I really enjoyed the reunion. We spend the day in their pool drinking beer before Jenny made us a delicious barbie. That day/night was definitely the most relaxing day we had in Australia and I wish we would've had more time to hang around, but with just a single day left we had to be moving towards Brisbane and our flight back home.
With just that one single day left we had - with advice from Jenny and the others - decided to spend it in Australia Zoo. The zoo of Steve Irwin - and it was (of course) filled with crocs! We watched the feeding of their acco croc, before moving throught the entire park which took us roughly two and a half hours.

Besides the ancient looking crocs, I really liked the Koalas. Sleeping all day, waking up for a snack before going back to sleep. What a life!

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